The Whale Library 2018

The Whale library is a children’s play written by Celeste Lai and Stan Lai based on a bed time story Celeste’s father Stan used to tell her. Accompanied by an illustrated children’s book co-created by Celeste Lai and Peyton Skyler, the play debuted in ShangHai, China at the Theatre Above summer children's programs in 2018. The play is still touring and showing every summer in China.

Play Synopsis

The Whale Library is about a young girl named Mier who is a fisherman’s daughter living in a small village by the sea. Mier’s father goes out fishing everyday, he doesn’t send Mier to school because he needs her to help out at home but Mier is a very curious child who loves learning new things. One day Mier spots something new in the shallow water by the shore - An island that she has never seen before, she explores the island and falls into a hole which leads her into a big cavern full of neatly stored books... and the library itself can talk…

Illustrated Book Synopsis

Mier asks the Whale Library a big question: “Why do we have books?” The Whale Library challenges her to find the answers in the world of books. So Mier dives in and she encounters a series of characters in literatures from the East to West. She finally finds her answers when she meets a group of rambunctious monkeys who has been burning books…