That One Thing

Written / Performed by Jen Kwok
Produced / Mixed / Recorded by Jody Shelton

Animated music video by Celeste Lai

An Introduction from Jen Kwok on That One Thing from the Songs for One Visual EP:

Songs for One began as a live series where I performed intimate, interactive concerts for one person at a time. I created the series in 2016 in the midst of the presidential elections and a string of violent attacks on queer people and people of color (Pulse nightclub shooting, the shootings of Philando Castile & Alton Sterling, etc.). Combining music, meditation and visual imagery, this series sought to foster real life human connection as an antidote to the disconnection and divisiveness created by the social and political climate at the time, as well as the effects of social media and the 24 hour news cycle. The series spread through word of mouth and I ultimately performed for over 100 people, one at a time.

The Songs for One Visual EP is a collection of favorites from the live Songs for One project. In bringing this project to a wider audience, my friend and producer, Jody Shelton, and I built lush, electronic orchestras around the intimate melodies and lyrics of the original Songs for One songs, and collaborated with a team of woman animators to create beautiful, dream-like videos to accompany the fleshed-out Songs for One tracks.

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